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About the House

Our vision

Human Rights House Belgrade is committed to building a democratic and open society based on a respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Our network

We work with organizations that share our goal of building a democratic society. Through cooperation and joint activities, we work together to affect radical social change and improve the state in the area of human rights. We also monitor daily social issues, appropriately and quickly react to violations of human rights, and relentlessly contribute to the promotion of democratic societies.


Human Rights House Belgrade aims to educate citizens about human rights and how to exercise their rights. We advocate for the improvement of laws in order to more closely align them with international human rights standards and democratic principles. We also monitor the work of state institutions to ensure they respect international human rights standards.


Striving for more inclusive and consistent activities in the field of human rights, and thus developing a democratic and open society, at the Human Rights House Belgrade, we are focused on certain goals:

  1. Implementing the principle of respect for human rights in all areas of social life in Serbia, based on national and international standards;
  2. Raising awareness about the importance of respect for human rights;
  3. Representing victims of human rights violations in strategic cases;
  4. Improving judicial practices in the field of human rights;
  5. Documenting the current condition of human rights in order to monitor any progress in this area and create a collective memory based on recorded human rights violations in the recent past; and
  6. Building a democratic society based on the rule of law through advocacy and by increasing citizen participation in all areas of social life.

In order to achieve these goals, member organizations of the Human Rights House Belgrade coordinate their activities and implement projects in the fields of their expertise and strategic plans of the organization. Each of the member organizations share its knowledge and experience in implementing joint projects.

Our principles:

  1. Teamwork

Human Rights House Belgrade is founded on the belief that cooperation between member organizations, which deal with human rights and democratization in different populations and from different perspectives, will lead to a more consistent and comprehensive policies in this area. This teamwork leads to faster and more effective social change.

 1.Cooperation and networking

In addition to cooperation between member organizations, Human Rights House Belgrade also supports sustainable cooperation with national and international organizations as well as civil society institutions. We believe that cooperation and continuous communication are required to ensure effective work in improving human rights and promoting democratization in Serbia.


Human Rights House Belgrade pays close attention to the visibility of its programs and to civil societies in general. In order to change the perception of civil societies among citizens, we work to increase the overall level of civic participation and activism and exert greater influence on the decision-makers at the institutional level.


Our work is transparent in all areas. Human Rights House Belgrade also advocates for transparency as a principle in every area we work in.

Methodology of work

Human Rights House Belgrade performs its activities through:

  • educational seminars, conferences, workshops etc.;
  • researching, analysing and monitoring of work and strengthening the capacity of institutions;
  • implementing the consultative process among relevant public institutions, media and civil sectors and submitting the recommendations in certain areas,
  • representing victims of human rights violations and strategic cases in order to create relevant case law practice;
  • organizing campaigns and promotional activities, publishing our work results, research and educational programs;
  • practical preparation of policy proposals and implementation processes and publishing press releases and statements to current topics and issues.