Human rights

Nov 29

Human Rights Program

Overall Program Directions

Human Rights House, in cooperation with organizations addressing rights of different marginalized groups, will work on the respect of diversity and reduction of social distance toward marginalized groups; it will monitor implementation of the Antidiscrimination Law and other laws containing anti-discriminatory provisions; it will represent victims of human rights violation and build legal practice in these fields; it will document the conditions of human rights. In particular, Human Rights House recognizes the fact that, inter alia, the right to free gathering of LBGT community has been flagrantly violated by the State institutions in Serbia in the past few years, wherefore a part of its activities will be focused on exercising this right of the LGBT community. Human Rights House will work also on education of public (with special focus on youth) about human rights. Special attention will be paid to raising awareness of the media for questions of HR, discrimination and diversity in general. HR House will be a source for students and academia in the area of human rights.

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Jun 18

The Human Rights House calls on Prime Minister Dačić to appreciate civil society initiatives in Serbia

Published on 16th October 2012 The House for Human Rights and Democracy (House) urged yesterday, 17th July 2012, the parties negotiating over the formation of the new government of Serbia to establish in this new government a ministry for Human Rights that would be vested with all competences regarding the protection and promotion of Human …

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