Citizens’ Association for Democracy and Civic Education “Civic Initiatives”

Contact information:
Address:  Cara Dušana 70/5, 11000Belgrade,Serbia
Phone no: +381 11 3284 244; +381 11 3284 188
E-mail: ;
Contact person:  Maja Stojanović
Legal status: NGO (Citizens’ Association)

Areas of activity/focus: Human rights (work on understanding and accepting diversity through minority/marginalized groups rights improvement as well as focusing on human rights in other areas of CI work); Citizen participation (as a foundation for rule of law and democratization, including civil society development, encouraging active citizenship, volunteering, holding the Government accountable); Education (work on advocating reform of formal education system and providing informal education including capacity building training, education, mentoring, coaching, information sharing, assessments, research, publishing of books etc).

Number of staff members/volunteers: 21 staff members employed, out of them 20 are full time and 1 is part time employed; over 20 volunteers that we engage in different activities, primarily in youth program and different campaigns; a team of 21 trainers, called Team TRI, attached to CI for resource purposes, team of 36 youth trainers and 50 trainers for civic education program.

National, regional and international partners:  FENS - Federation of Nongovernmental Organizations of Serbia, a first formal network of NGOs in Serbia, consisting of 555 members initiated and led by CI, CFP - Centers for pluralism, informal NGO Network, covering 20 countries, from Estonia to Mongolia, including Russian Federation. IDEE from Washington coordinates CFP, BHRN – Balkan Human Rights Network, BCSDN - Balkan Civil Society Development Network, CEECN – Central and Eastern Europe Citizen Network, CIVICUS – World Alliance for Citizen Participation, CIVITAS – Institute for the Study of Civil Society, BALKAN FORUM - informal education in Balkan countries, MIRBAN - Minority Rights Balkan Network, MIFOC - international federation of independent socio-cultural organizations, including RAI from Barcelona, ARCI from Italy, Drugi most from Grenobl, Mediterranean social forum - platform of organizations, trade unions and movements, Global March Against Child Labor, Network for support to Law Against Discrimination - domestic network of CSOs, Coalition for Free Access to Information - domestic network of CSOs