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From Idea to Impact – Engaging in an HRH Network Workshop on Building Impactful Projects in Vilnius


Representatives from the Human Rights House Belgrade actively took part in the “From Idea to Impact“ workshop, which the Human Rights House Foundation organized in Vilnius, Lithuania. The workshop spanned from June 13 to 15 and served as a unifying platform for approximately twenty members of the Human Rights House Network, hailing from diverse regions across Europe. The primary objective of the workshop was to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among participants, equipping them with valuable insights and practical know-how on crafting and executing projects that bring about meaningful and tangible transformations. Moreover, it sparked ideas for future collaborative initiatives.

The workshop offered a wealth of valuable theoretical knowledge regarding various aspects of projects. Participants gained insights into project elements, terminology, project budgeting, resource allocation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as risk assessment. In the practical segment, attendees had the chance to personally develop and present their project ideas to their fellow colleagues. Moreover, donor sessions were conducted, providing valuable advice on project applications.

This event also fostered solidarity as we joined forces with our colleagues from Belarus and Ukraine, engaging in collaborative actions.

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