Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

Name of organization: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
Contact information: Helsinski odbor za ljudska prava u Srbiji
Address: Rigeod Fere St.# 20/V, 11 000Belgrade,Serbia
Phone no: ++381 11 30 32 408
Contact person: Spomenka Grujicic, program director, at
Legal status: Non-governmental organization

Areas of activity/focus: Human rights culture (particularly the rights of minority and/or vulnerable/marginalized social groups); Europeanization: Serbia’s reformist potential and democratic transition, governmental accountability and social response to modernization processes; Social restructuring – i.e. transitional justice – (a landmark program under which the organization has been issuing the Helsinki Charter magazine for 14 years now as well as its annual reports, and has published about 160 books.); Educational outreaches for the young (another landmark program capacitating some 2,000 secondary schools students in the past 13 years in basic tenets of democracy, accountable governance, multiculturalism and human rights;  and “Confidence-building” program: activities aimed at regional normalization, including those conducted in Kosovo;

Number of staff members/volunteers: 10 full-time employees and about 50 volunteers (young activists), plus a number of longstanding associates from the ranks of liberal intelligentsia

National, regional and international partners: National – NGOs forming the Human Rights House; Regional: Partners Kosova, Kosovo, Kosovar Institute for Policy Research /KIPRED/, Kosovo, Kosovo Foundation for Open Society, ANTIKO, Macedonia, Helsinki Committee of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Helsinki Committee in Republika Srpska, Center for Peace Studies, Croatia; International: International Cooperation Platform “Solidarity,” Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Civil Rights Defenders, Sweden, Partners for Democratic Change International /PDCI/, Brussels, International Partnership for Human Rights.