Oct 11

Irresponsible and Offensive Massages Stated by Tomislav Nikolic the President of Serbia

By repeated negation of the established facts on the Srebrenica genocide, Tomislav Nikolić, for the second time after his taking the Presidential office, sent a message that insults victims of genocide and their families.

Photo: Beta

During his official visit to Italy, on 9 October, the President of Serbia told the “Corriere della Sera” daily newspaper that there was no genocide in Srebrenica, and that “no Serbian admits the genocide, me neither”.

Civil society organizations reminded President Nikolić that it is high time to abandon the principles of his former party. Instead of making offensive statements that disturb relations in the region, Nikolić should finally show consistency in his commitment to normalization of relations in the territory of former Yugoslavia.

An appeal to the President Nikolić was signed by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Humanitarian Law Centre as well as the Human Rights and Democracy House consisting of Civic Initiatives, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights YUCOM, Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and Policy Centre.

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