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NGOs seek the release of Albanians

Human rights

NGOs seek the release of Albanians


Published on 5th November 2012

Belgrade – Member organizations of the House for Human Rights and Democracy asked tonight the Serbian government to release two arrested Kosovo Albanians.

The statement, signed by Civic Initiatives, the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights and the Centre for practical policies, requests the government to “stop the political detention of Kosovo Albanians” and release these two individuals whose arrest results from the “introduction of reciprocal measures”.

“According to Interior Minister IvicaDačić, the two Albanians were arrested as part of reciprocal measures because of the arrest of four Kosovo Serbs by Kosovo police, the statement said. Arresting people on the basis of political decisions is the most brutal violation of human rights and completely undermines the rule of law in Serbia.”

The statement adds that no law in Serbia recognizes reciprocal measures as a basis for arrest.

“Serbia has at its disposal all diplomatic and legal means to defend human rights of Kosovo Serbs” said the statement which added that “the prosecution must react immediately and investigate about the criminal responsibility of Minister Dačić and of all who participate in unlawful detention of people.”

The two Albanians, HasanAbazi and Adam Ursa, were arrested this morning in Končulj, the former on grounds of espionage by warrant of the court of Gnjilane, the latter for drugs by warrant of the police authorities of Belgrade, Dačić said.

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