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Transitional Justice Program

Transitional justice

Transitional Justice Program


Overall Program Directions

Human Rights House will advocate establishment of truth about crimes and grave human rights violations during 1990s wars; it will call for establishment of war criminals’ accountability  and cooperation between prosecution authorities at the regional level; it will advocate reparations for war crime victims in Serbia and at the regional level; it will speed up cooperation between the civil sector of Serbia and organizations in the region regarding resolution of these issues; and it will actively advocate the reform of institutions and fight against impunity.

Concrete activities in the first year of the HRHouse work

Promoting of truth about HR violations during nineties – HRHouse will mark dates when gross violations of human rights happened during wars on the territory of former Yugoslavia. During one year minimum ten dates will be marked and institutions will be called to react appropriately. For example, besides marking the genocide in Srebrenica, HRHouse will advocate for representatives to appear in Srebrenica on July 11th, in order to make a public moral judgment of war crimes committed by Serbian side. In upcoming period this will have a special importance since newly elected Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic already, after the election, gave very nationalistic statements.

Introducing transitional justice mechanisms in all relevant spheres of the society – HRHouse will produce policy paper that will recommend concrete steps and solutions of the state to assure that wars and gross violations of human rights in the past do not repeat in the future. Policy paper will include recommendations in the areas of institution reform, education strategies, reparation measures etc. Advocacy will be done through campaign that will involve wide specter of human rights organizations, media events, discussions etc.

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