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YUCOM condemns access to the subject of missing babies in the form of reality show


The Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) condemned the approach of the missing babies in Serbia in the form of a reality show, bearing in mind that due to the delay in fulfilling the obligations of the Republic of Serbia imposed by the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights – Zorica  Jovanovic v. Serbia, there is an ongoing process of evaluation before the Committee Ministers of the Council of Europe.

“In this way, the rights of parents who have been sufficiently jeopardized by the lack of the competent authorities so far are grossly violated,” YUCOM said in a statement on the discussion that took place on a Serbian national television.

The non-governmental organization reminds that the right to private and family life is guaranteed by the Constitution and international conventions and that all, including the media, are obliged to refrain from this violation.

YUCOM also called on the Government of Serbia to review the decision in which Radisa Pavlovic, a representative of the association “For Truth and Justice of the Babies”, was named as a member of the Commission for investigating the treatment of state authorities in resolving reported cases of missing children in the Republic of Serbia.

“Radisa Pavlovic, with his apparently illegal actions and public statements, challenges the credibility of the entire Commission, whose other members are prominent representatives of institutions,” YUCOM said in a statement.

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